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Why Joe Ghartey accepted only a ring and Bible from the man who married his daughter

Ghanaian politician and Member of Parliament for Essikado-Ketan, Joe-Ghartey has given his daughter Ewurama Ghatey’s hand in marriage to her sweetheart without taking cash as bride price.

The former Attorney-General and Second Deputy Speaker in a video shared on his official Facebook blessed his daughter for finding a new home while explaining his reason for not accepting the tall list of items Ghanaian families usually request from a man who wishes to marry their daughters.

“Ewurama, God bless you. Your husband’s family brought the ring and Bible. When I went for your mother’s hand in marriage, I also took just a ring and Bible to the family. If you so wish, when you and your husband have children, you can take up this tradition. I might be dead and gone by that time, but it will be proper to do so. I can’t force you both, you are on this journey together,” the happy father told family members and invited guests at the intimate wedding ceremony which took place last weekend.

Also, the spokesperson for the groom’s family commended the renowned politician for not inflating his daughter’s bride price but instead took only a ring and Bible for her hand in marriage.

In the video sighted by GhanaWeb, the Okyeame from the groom’s family disclosed the conversations they earlier had with Mr Ghartey.

“When he came to see our father Joe Ghartey for his daughter’s hand in marriage, we had one of the most interesting conversations. He said that the couple had just begun life and didn’t want to burden them and as part of his wishes, only requested a ring that will symbolize that this woman is married and a Bible that will serve as a guide in time of trouble.

“That was all he requested adding that he was going to reject anything extra apart from the ring and Bible. For the love we have for the woman, we went according to the request, if you see us here today, we have come with the items for her hand in marriage,” she said.

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