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Don’t invest all your money, blow some on good living – Eastwood Anaba advises

Founder and leader of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries, Reverend Eastwood Anaba has advised that businessmen and women should take time off and spend money.

He is of the belief that after years of working so hard to make profits, there is a need to spend on one’s self.

The preacher believes that anyone who has been blessed by God should not be miser

He made this known while addressing his congregation.

“Listen, when you plant a business, eat the fruit. Don’t use all the money for treasury bills because you will die for fools to spend all your money. Eat well, travel with some of the money and stop being a miser.”

“You are always sowing a seed. God does not sow only a seed, he gives bread to the eater. Anybody who is sowing seed but he’s not eating, he’s betraying the goodness of God. It’s not a matter of only building a house, build a house and dwell in it,” he continued.

The preacher indicated that people who do not spend their money die miserable deaths indicating that “that box you are keeping, your Uncle is waiting for you to die, they will cease it from your wife”.

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